Reopening Compliance Guidelines by State

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Here's directory of some of the state government regulatory requirements to assist restaurants and on-premise venues re open.

Note: We will do our best to ensure this list is frequently updated but we make no guarantees as to its accuracy. Please do your own research.

Federal Government and Australian General Information

National COVID-19 Coordination Commission

The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission has created an online planning tool to help business develop a plan to keep their workers, customers and the community safe as they reopen or increase their activities in the weeks and months ahead

Restaurant & Caterers Association Information Hub

R&CA has created a coronavirus information hub to keep business owners updated during the coronavirus pandemic.

This webpage will be updated regularly with the latest information and resources. This includes: links to relevant federal and state government health alerts, updated news relating to the coronavirus, fact sheets, and templates workplace & coronavirus information and support for business

Health Direct COVID-19 Restriction Checker

The restriction checker allows users to check the rules as they apply to their industry. Simple select the appropriate state and activity type to find out what you can and can't do. Free Australian health advice you can count on.


According to the Queensland Government, to reopen and operate your business safely, you must have a workplace health and safety COVID Safe Plan in place.

This plan must cover COVID-19 risks and demonstrate the actions you are taking to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. This COVID Safe Plan, or a summary of it, should be displayed to show that your business is operating safely. Find more info here.

  • You can eat and drink at any food and drink business if the total number of people doesn’t exceed 1 person per 4 square metres.

  • Venues less than 200 square metres can accept 1 person per 2 square metres but no more than 50 people.

  • You can eat and drink at a bar if you’re seated.

  • Takeaway and delivery services can continue.

  • Food courts can now reopen, but food buffets are not allowed.

Dine-in food and drink businesses must keep contact details of patrons for 56 days. Businesses must also comply with the COVID Safe framework.

Concert venues, theatres and auditoriums can open and have up to 50% capacity or one person per 4 square metres (whichever is the greater), with a COVID Safe Plan.

For detailed and most up to date information on QLD Government website click here.

New South Wales

The New South Wales has their lnformation for pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants and other hospitality businesses on opening, reopening, and making workplaces COVID safe located centrally. Find more info here.

From Monday 1 June 2020, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants in NSW will be able to have up to 50 customers on the premises at once.

  • Capacity must not exceed 50 customers or one customer per 4 square metres in an existing seated dining area, whichever is the lesser.

  • Bookings can only be to a maximum of 10 people.

  • Anyone entering the premises must provide their name and contact details, including a telephone number or email address.

  • Operators must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and keep a record of all people entering the premises.

  • Tables and chairs in food courts are not to be used for the consumption of food or drinks.


UPDATE 9 NOVEMBER 2020 - Food and drink facilities can open for seated indoor and outdoor service (for food and/or drink) under the following restrictions:

  • Maximum 10 people per group, seated 1.5 metres from other groups (both within the venue and between patrons at adjacent venues).

  • Tables must be cleaned after every customer.

  • Cleaning, signage and record keeping requirements apply.

  • Businesses must keep a record of customer details, including the date and time the person attended these facilities. These records should be kept for 28 days.

For indoor space: Businesses can serve customers indoors. Both regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne are restricted to a maximum of 40 patrons per venue indoors , subject to density requirements of one person per four square metres.

Each indoor space is only permitted to have a maximum of 10 persons. The indoor space can be marked out by temporary structures, otherwise  five metres is required between collections of up to 10  patrons. The 10 patrons could be one group of 10, or multiple smaller groups.

For outdoor space: Businesses can serve customers outdoors. For both regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne there is a cap of 70 customers seated outdoors per venue. Both regional Victoria and Melbourne are subject to density requirements of one person per two square metres for outdoor spaces. Groups must be seated 1.5m from other groups (both within the venue and between patrons at adjacent venues).

Pop-up venues are to operate at the same venue caps as permanent providers.

More information on Updated Restrictions click here.

Changes to these dates will be subject to the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

More information around compliance to this order is found on the DHHS website. Find more info here. You can also call the Victorian Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

South Australia

Any business which in their normal course of operations sell food and beverages can now open. Those businesses with a liquor licence are permitted to sell alcohol in conjunction with a meal.

Patrons can approach a bar or service area to order but they cannot sit at the bar or service area to eat.

  • limit the number of people on site to 1 person per 4 square metres (density requirement)

  • observe, and encourage observing of, social distancing (1.5 metres rule)

  • have a maximum of 20 patrons at any time: 10 indoor and 10 outdoor. (This is the maximum regardless of how many dining areas/spaces there are.)

  • Note: People collecting takeaway are not included in the 20. For people waiting for takeaway, social distancing of 1.5 metres between themselves must be adhered to.

  • ensure patrons are seated when being served the food and alcohol.

UPDATE 01/06: The accelerated changes include requirements of a 20-person maximum per room, up to a maximum of 80 throughout a facility, if they are able to physically distance appropriately and meet density requirements.

Find more info here

Western Australia

From 6 June food businesses including cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, roadhouses, taverns and the casino can reopen, subject to mandatory conditions and the completion of a COVID Safety Plan.

Reopening food businesses

If you opened during Phase 2, please review the new guidelines and update your COVID Safety Plans accordingly.

If your venue’s capacity can increase in Phase 3, this needs to be reflected on a new COVID Safety Plan Certificate.

Below are the steps food businesses need to take to reopen or expand beyond providing takeaway:

  • Complete a COVID Safety Plan prior to reopening or expanding beyond takeaway. This should be completed by the person responsible for the business premises. The COVID Safety Guidelines will help you complete your plan.

  • Display a COVID Safety Plan certificate (you'll find this in the plan).

  • Maintain a strict minimum of 2 square metres per person.

  • Ensure a maximum of 100 dine-in patrons per undivided space or 300 patrons per venue (excluding staff).

  • Maintain hygiene and frequent cleaning.

  • Ensure staff have completed the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course.

  • Maintain attendance records of patrons for contact tracing (not including takeaway services).

  • Carefully manage waiting areas to ensure physical distancing.

  • For licensed venues, alcohol can be served without a meal at licensed premises (patrons must be seated).

100/300 patron limit

  • The total number of dine-in patrons at the venue (including indoor and outdoor areas) must not exceed 100 people per undivided space, up to a maximum of 300 patrons per premises.

  • It does not include staff members. As many staff members as required can be rostered on. Staff should practise physical distancing where possible.

  • Patrons waiting to collect takeaway food should practice physical distancing by keeping 1.5 metres from patrons from other households.

Dine in or takeaway food

  • Physical distancing and hygiene measures apply to all food businesses.

  • Table service meals can be provided in venues (including licensed venues) ensuring there is 2 square metres of floor space per patron in the dining area, with a maximum of 100 patrons per undivided space, up to a maximum of 300 people per premises (excluding staff).

  • Each food business within a multi-venue premise can open to provide table service meals.

Find more info here

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