Restaurant Revival Wine Store FAQ

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It’s been a struggle for restaurants and for the wines that are predominately sold in dining rooms across the country. And there's no denying it will be a Long Road Back.

As Australia’s best on-premise wine distributor, we feel your pain and that's why we're keen to see you back to your best.

What's the aim?

Our aim is to get restaurant wines into the hands of wine lovers and donate real dollars to hospo businesses in crisis.

How does it work?

We're encouraging consumers and restuarant regulars to choose to buy wine through Restaurant Revival Wine Store.

Upon check out, customers nominate their favourite restaurant -- it could be you!

We’ll donate our margin to their chosen restaurant.

That nominated licensed restaurant can use that cash for running costs, staff training, paying suppliers, reinvesting in the business, donating to their favourite charity.

Drink wine. Support Restaurants.

Help Wineries. Feel Good.

I'm not a JWG customer. Can I receive the donation?

Yes. We will do our utmost to track down the operators of the nominated restaurant and make contact to pass on the donation amount.

We're not badly affected. I don't want the donation.

That's okay. We will donate it directly to our house charity OzHarvest.

I'm keen to market these packs to my regulars. They're loyal and will support my restaurant.

Fantastic! Shoot us an email to and we will provide you with all the assets you need. Social posts, eDM banners, stickers. Whatever you need.

What's in it for the JWG?

Honestly, not a lot right now. As a on premise specialists, we rely on restaurants to buy our wine to serve to their diners night after night, week after week. It's in our best interest to get restaurants back up and running profitably in the hope they might support us and our wine brands in the new era.

What wine is in the packs?

These restrictions have hit many of our producers very hard. And for some, coming off the back of a hideous bush fire season, their only channel to market closing its doors was the last thing they needed.

We've chosen wine producers that have been hit the hardest by restaurant closures. Some wineries position their wines exclusively in restaurants and many have not seen a dozen sold since restrictions began.

Through the wine store, we're able to help struggling wineries sell their wines to restaurant and wine lovers to make way for a new vintage.

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions, or simply reach out to us at

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