Trends in Wine Lists

When it comes to curating a wine list there is more than one way to skin (contact) it.

More and more producers are making category-defying wines that sit better outside the box. And some are pioneering new categories all together.

Headings like fresh & zingy whites have taken over variety listings Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and white blends on more and more wine lists. While a savvy having undergone barrel fermentation might find itself in a layered & robust whites category.

The rules are now that there are no rules. Listing wines by their variety, while perfectly acceptable is being mixed up by sommeliers and wine teams wanting to describe a drinking experience over the grape from which a wine was made.

Consumers are being introduced to different wines outside their normal drinking habits. For example, by exploring a textural white category on a wine list those who love Pinot Gris devotees find themselves trying a neighbouring Soave or even a Chablis. This helps promote the up-and-coming or trending styles alongside the more familiar varieties.

Winemaking, rather than variety or style can now also determine where a wine sits of a list. Diners can find wines or all colours and styles; reds, whites, ambers, orange wine, rose, sparkling under a "Natural Wine" heading.

"Love them or hate them, natural wines are sweeping across venue lists. This category is bringing in a new wave of wine drinkers and explorers" says Joval Wine Ambassador Matt Dunne.

Wine Alternatives have also seen a huge popularity boost promoting healthier lifestyle choices without sacrificing tastes or a wine-like experience. The NON range is a zero percent 750ml, crafted drink positioned to sit on wine lists attracting wine drinkers and teetotalers alike. NON 1. describes itself as lightly carbonated similar to that of a pet nat. Dry and length fruit tannins. Salted Raspberry and Chamomile. Vibrant red fruit, delicate floral nose and salt undertones.

TIP: We have uploaded a template that reflects these trends. Check it out and get in touch if you would like help tailoring it to you restaurant and clientele.

Modern Restaurant Wine List
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